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Presenting Lymphascial Taping at the 2018 MLDuk Conference

MLDuk conference 2018

MLDuk conference 2018MLDuk conference DaventryMLDuk conference 2018 talk

It was with great pleasure that I took to the stage at the MLDuk conference in Daventry on Saturday. I had been looking forward to attending all year,  as the conference was called 'The Matrix-unplugged: Manual Lymphatic Drainage meets Fascia'. I love the fact that we can join up the dots and blend knowledge across specialities, to work out better outcomes for our patients, epecially in the field of manual therapy, where our understanding is growing almost daily.

Five or six days before the conference, I received an email asking if I could step in and speak, as the original speaker couldn't make it! Luckily, it is my specialist subject, so I took over the talk called 'Neuromuscular Taping in post-plastic surgery situations (medical & cosmetic)'. I put together a powerpoint over the next few days and renamed it 'Lymphascial Taping for Post-surgical recovery'

Don't get too hung up on flashy titles. Over the last twenty years, we have learnt so much about the world that lies just under our skin. From my massage background, you can track modern thinking from the title of your therapy qualification. I'm trained in neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release and lymphatic drainage. For the medical profession, the 'interstitium' has just been (re)discovered and is hailed as a new sensory organ, which might hold the key to how cancer metastasises. We should all be rightly excited. The interstitium is what I call the superficial myofascia. From my experience, it holds the key to fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, autoimmune illnesses, inflammatory conditions as well as the theory behind acupuncture and many other Eastern therapies. The interstitium holds all of the peripheral nerves, blood vessels and lymphatics, so touching the skin manipulates everything that is housed underneath it. Unsurprisingly, we don't really know how.

Lymphascial is just my word for blending the myofascial and lymphatic effects that taping has-it definitely influences the neuromuscular system too- so neurolymphascial taping of the interstitium has been born! Yay!!!

Delivering a powerpoint in front of a roomful of people is not my particular forte. I'm more at home in a classroom being hands on, but I know my stuff and, luckily, can answer curve ball questions. However, when the slides are particular cases, you can't really go too wrong. I would like to thank the wonderful Floryna for being my practical model (who modelled taping for a seroma, high blood pressure and contipation for some reason?!).

I received such warm feedback from the talk and demonstration, with many enquiries about a course. I spoke with Balens, the insurance company yesterday and will be submitting a syllabus in the next couple of weeks for them to approve. Hopefully, I will have a 2 day CPD course together by Autumn 2018, for every aspect of post-surgical recovery. If you have any questions or would like to be kept informed, please email me:


2 thoughts on “Presenting Lymphascial Taping at the 2018 MLDuk Conference

  1. Hi Clare, I thoroughly enjoyed your talk at the MLDuk conference. Thank you for presenting at such short notice! It was my first year attending and I found your presentation was one in particular that left me wanting to know more. I am interested in pursuing further learning regarding kinesiotaping and would welcome the opportunity to attend your CPD course. Could you let me know whether a prior course in taping would be desirable? Look forward to hearing more about the 2-day course you hope to offer. Please keep me informed 😉 Alex

    1. Hi Alex, thank you for your kind words. I have been asked to give a practical taping workshop at this year’s MLD Conference, which is titled ‘Back to the Workshop-Manual lymphatic Drainage developments’on May 11th-12th 2019 at Mercure Daventry. I’m really hoping you will be there. Come and say ‘Hello’ and we can have a coffee. I haven’t formulated a course as yet, but Kinesio UK’s courses are an excellent place to start, kind regards, Clare.

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