Individual Treatment Prices

Clinic Matfield
1 Hour
Purity Bridge Tunbridge Wells
Home Visit within 15 mile radius of Tunbridge Wells
depends on no. of areas

Treatments & Locations

Each person is different and will need individual care. Complicated surgeries, multiple procedures and extensive liposuction take longer to recover from. Contact me about your case for your bespoke quote. You will be given information on how to prepare for your specific surgery and aftercare advice on how to achieve and maintain optimum results. Prices vary depending on the location you choose to receive your treatments. Paying for a package of treatments secures the dates & times of your sessions and should be paid for in advance. Extra sessions can be booked if required.

Insurance Companies

I have pre-approved, set rates for the insurance companies I work with. Most insurance companies will provide you with a pre-authorisation code to bring with you to your first consultation. Some require approval from your consultant. If you need advice on how to proceed, please contact me.

Specialist Oedema/Lymphoedema Management

Initial Clinic Assessment
with measurement for compression as required
On Application
Subsequent Treatments
MLD & necessary maintenance
On Application
Subsequent Home Visit within 15 mile radius of Tunbridge Wells
On Application
Intensive Daily Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy
for complex lymphoedema; MLD and bandaging
Price on application to your insurance company

Compression Garments

Compression Garments
Custom fitting and advice will be given on which garment to choose for your specific elective/cosmetic surgery. Compression garments can be ordered at your pre-operative appointment and sent directly to your home address. They must be paid for separately. Lymphoedema patients and NHS referrals will often receive their garments via FP10 prescription.

Cancellation Policy

If you cannot attend your appointment, please call to rebook. Life happens and I am usually understanding. To help you remember, I send text reminders the day before your session.

However, if you forget to attend or do not provide 24 hours notice, 100% of the treatment price will be charged for clinic, package treatments and home visits